Who is Sonia Aimy?

A Singer/Songwriter/Actress who Ignites Audiences with African World Music
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With her inimitable, velvety voice, Nigerian-born singer, songwriter and actress Sonia Aimy is the quintessential embodiment of contemporary African world music. Her sound blends Afro-jazz, highlife, and call-and-response African griot tradition, in easy flowing, yet virtuosic performances.

Her irresistible rhythms and melody and infectious joie de vivre unite audiences of diverse backgrounds. Her second CD, Nigerian Spirit 2017, is an incantation of hope. It offers spiritual nourishment and intellectual stimulation, and is a joy to the senses.

Sonia Aimy has won fans in Europe, Africa and Canada through her on stage appearances with the likes of African musical legends Hugh Masekela, the Mahotella Queens, Miriam Makeba, IGNAWA and Williams Parker.

Fluent in English, Italian and several African tongues, Aimy grew up speaking the local Edo language of her native Benin City in southern Nigeria. Through her music, she also explores Yoruba and Hausa (both from Nigeria); as well as Obamba (Gabon), Wolof (Senegal), Lingala (Congo), Kiswahili (East Africa) and Somali.

It has been Aimy’s passion since she started singing at age eleven to touch hearts and souls. From her mother, she gained an early education in the folklore of her people, the Bini, an interest she extended into traditional music, storytelling and dance. Immigrating to Italy, she studied jazz music and interpretation, as well as theatre arts, crafting a sound that has become distinctly her own. Motherhood is an important theme that often appears in her lyrics, along with a deep concern for justice.

Sonia Aimy has also been recognized in Italy and Nigeria not only for her obvious talent but also for her commitment to end human trafficking, and for the deep sense of her Nigerian heritage, which gives a spiritual grounding to her work wherever she performs.

For her many endeavors, Aimy was chosen Best Positive Figure for Youths in Turin and Caserta (2005/2006); was named a Millennium Models Nominee among fifty Nigerians in the world by Nigeria’s Platinum Bank Limited in 2003; and in 2005 was nominated by Italy’s AfroLife magazine as one of the Top Ten leading Nigerians in that country.

Poverty has paved way for migration, many women immigrants in the world, especially those migrating from poverty stricken places across Edo state, Nigeria, Africa lack a steady source of income. For women trapped in poverty, domestic abuse, early child marriage and or prostitution, many wish they could earn an income working from home, or be part of a community focused on providing financial and self-stability. These women, many living here in Edo State, hope for a place where they can work, find a safe space to express themselves and find community among other women who can relate to their struggles. A safe space with defined learning may in part prevent young women from being easily target for human trafficking and prostitution, and victims of the ocean through the Mediterranean sea.

Sonia’s vision is to promote African Music, Spirituality, African Inner-self spirituality (defining your Purpose for a personal well being. and Traditional African experiences through entertainment for the betterment of women in Edo State, Nigeria and around the world. The mission is to produce world class African music and Musicals while educating people looking to connect and reconnect with African arts, culture and spirituality through workshops, mentorship, training on arts and crafts production that will contribute to the fight for women’s equality and human rights while also helping victims of human trafficking and prostitution of Edo Girls.

Fashion and Accessory, Production and Merchandising: Leveraging Sonia’s philanthropic work, Saimy ARTS will help impoverished women in her community and abroad to improve their lives by giving them the opportunity to design and produce her personal, and other branded line of merchandise which will be available for sale online, at selected fashion retail stores, and at live performances and events.

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African step technique is a blend of African movement (flexible torso and spine, articulated pelvis and isolation of the limbs and polyrhythmic, polycentered, polymovement) integration between tradition and modern flavor, resulting in a powerful mix of the contemporary, the traditional, and the modern. This movement structure focuses on the isolation of individual body parts, in preparation for the execution of a polymovement based structure, which is rooted in African dance and music. Dancers are trained to control all body parts, becoming excellent soloist dancers as well as ensemble dancers.

DRUMMING ENSEMBLE - Reviving Rhythms and Sounds with Sonia Aimy
It is an introduction to African music and rhythm through the sophisticated cross rhythms and polyrhythms in African drumming which are comparable to the Afro-Caribbean music and jazz standard. This interactive technique stimulates an integrative modes of consciousness, facilitating greater insight or creativity. It assists participants in emphasizing self-expression and allowing them through an interactive process to learn how to rebuild the mind, mixing of emotions and rhythms.

AFRICAN THEATRE METHOD African Theatre in most part of Africa has for centuries been an important social phenomenon, playing a central role in religion, ritual and social practices, as an art form and as a vehicle for passing on information and traditions, as well as for expressing ideas, educating and entertaining.

AFRICAN SINGING STYLE African music is one of the first types that come to mind when you think of world music, especially in a cappella. Whether Gospel, Traditional, Freedom songs or love songs, all of it is celebratory; African choirs and groups have an ability to convey joy and happiness that is unique and beautiful. These technique is structured to accommodate all participants including beginners, professionals, students, educators, teachers and etc.

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