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A big thank you to my lovely one and kind soul Christy DiFelice, to Frank DiFelici for such an incredible job well done at Brantford International Jazz Festival.



Sonia Aimy skillfully blends her ancestral sonorities of her African heritage with an intelligent and enjoyable Pop; listen to music that is ancient and yet new.

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Igniting All with African World Music

Sonia Aimy, with her inimitable, velvety voice, Nigerian-born singer, songwriter and actress is the quintessential embodiment of contemporary African world music. Her sound blends Afro-jazz, highlife, and call-and-response African griot tradition, in easy flowing, yet virtuosic performances.


Irresistible Rhythms

Infectious "joie de vivre".

Nigerian Spirit 2017

An incantation of hope

Fans Worldwide

A joy for all the senses

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